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Spotify To Build Its Own 'Category Defining' Music Hardware Device

Apr 25, 2017 05:43 PM EDT


Spotify is planning another latest hardware gadget, according to job posting by the company. A job posting on the company's site says that Spotify intends to manufacture "a category-defining product Pebble Watch, Snap spectacles and Amazon Echo, which will influence the way the world encounters music and talk content." 

The posting says the gadget will be internet connected and will come "specifically from Spotify," which at any rate explains that this won't be an easy integration with some other company's gadget. However, Zatz additionally indicates a different job description showing Spotify has appreciated voice control, something that has been speculated to be in its apps, however, could likewise be useful for hardware. 

It appears to be safe to anticipate that, in some designs, Spotify is engrossed with making a gadget that is fit for playing music. That nearly sounds interesting now - a decade after the iPod began to lose its relevance due to the advent of smartphones, however, that additionally implies there could be some genuine reason to re-examine the space.

The Mighty, an iPod shuffle-like media player that streams music from Spotify. However, it was revealed that the Mighty originated from a crowdfunding campaign, and it's yet to be released. Nevertheless, the Pebble Core, a run-GPS gadget and the streaming music player with a 3G connection, was crossed out before it could ever be released reported The Verge.

Despite the fact that the greater part of this is being uncovered from job postings indicates that Spotify isn't too far along the line. The hardware posting even expresses that the individual who fills the position will "characterize the product requirements" for the software and hardware, which implies Spotify truly could simply be beginning again.

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