Dec 07, 2021 | Updated: 07:19 PM EDT

Using Technology To Maintain Proper Health And Wellness

May 28, 2021 12:40 PM EDT

The COVID-19 pandemic prompted millions of people to be more aware of their physical and mental well-being. The only problem is, it also spread nationwide fear of medical facilities. Everyone is afraid to visit the doctor, dentist, or hospital as the risk of contracting the coronavirus is still high. Consequently, they avoid everything from wellness checkups to necessary treatments that only exacerbate their problems.

Fortunately, technology offers several solutions for American citizens in need of healthcare. By using platforms or solutions such as these listed below, they can ensure they remain healthy and safe despite the pandemic. Continue reading to learn more.

Healthcare Websites

The most basic tech tool for patients is healthcare provider websites. Patients can use these sites to learn more about medical professionals in their neighborhoods. Whether you're looking for a Crest Hill dentist to get implants and cleanings or a New York City primary care physician for physicals, an internet search can route you to qualified experts nearby. You can find contact information, a list of services, patient forms, and more by navigating reputable sites.

Telehealth Appointments

Although COVID-19 vaccines are being distributed, the nation isn't out of the woods yet. As such, patients may be skeptical about in-person visits. The good news is that most medical professionals offer telehealth services that patients can utilize.

Doctors, dentists, ophthalmologists, and other medical professionals can meet with their patients virtually. These appointments are ideal for initial medical assessments, general questions, and basic checkups. If your doctor feels that your health is at risk or you need further treatment, they can recommend you come in during a time that's safe and convenient.

Online Therapy

Mental health problems have skyrocketed amid the pandemic. Many people find themselves overwhelmed with chronic stress, anxiety, and depression that lifestyle choices alone won't fix. Rather than coming to meet a counselor during uncertain times, people can opt for online therapy sessions.

There are multiple platforms where you can select a mental health professional and schedule virtual appointments to resolve any emotional unrest you've experienced. If you're not interested in one-on-one meetings, there are also online groups you can join to talk with others that are going through similar situations. Sometimes knowing that you're not alone and getting advice from those that have been through it can make things easier to cope with.

Virtual Gyms

Physical fitness is an integral part of a person's health and wellness. Unfortunately, the changes to everyday life have caused many people to become stagnant. Not to mention, going to fitness centers during a pandemic can be unnerving. If you need the extra motivation to get up and get moving, there are virtual gyms you can attend.

They offer resources like online gym classes or personal trainers. While personal trainers can help you create and meet fitness goals, online classes enable you to have fun and socialize with others as you get in shape. Having those classes to look forward to can give you the boost you need to stay on target.

Wearable Technology And Apps

Last but not least, patients are encouraged to use wearable technology and related applications to maintain their health and wellness. For example, a fitness tracker is a great resource for someone interested in losing weight or enhancing their athletic performance. You can monitor everything from the types of foods you eat to the calories your burn on any given day.

For those who need reminders, tips, or support, there are tons of health and wellness apps you can download. You can get daily inspiration to quit smoking, meditate regularly, or stick to your new dieting plan.

If recent times have encouraged you to do more for your health and wellness, you're on the right track. Although things are still scary amid the global pandemic, you can't allow them to prevent you from investing in self-care. By using technological platforms, tools, and resources like those described above, you can reduce your risk of contracting COVID-19 while still prioritizing your needs.

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