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The Evolutionary Reason Why We're So Obsessed With Emoji

Apr 24, 2017 12:45 PM EDT


It is absolutely evident that individuals love using emoji. Emoji and sticker have lately taken off so much that in South Korea, the Korean Creative Content Agency declared that the most popular characters in the country are no longer found in Korean cartoons but in KakaoTalk sticker packs.

Nevertheless, since the advent of computers, there have been a lot of abbreviations used to shorten longer common sentences. However, as communications gradually became visually oriented, like that of image and video messaging, our abbreviations became more visual as well.

However, an emoji, like language acquired more meaning and significance through repeated use, meanings far beyond their original definition and intention, and as such, emoji are even more powerful because they act similarly even across language barriers. Emoji may still face some challenges, which ranges from misinterpretation within speakers of the same language, Android Authority reported.

In addition, emoji gives the avenue to avoid the kinds of misunderstandings that often show up in our text-driven world. Using an emoji at the start of any tweet will help one to set the tone for what follows after. Meanwhile, an emoji can be used at the end of a status update to serve as a punchline, re-casting everything that came before. It is worthwhile to note that an emoji can be used to communicate entire sentences, according to the Telegraph.

It is known that emojis are useful as they have gone beyond their textual origins. It should be noted that emojis now represent human emotions that people even use emoji in place of actual human emotion, even when the said individual is present.

Emojis are essentially one of the initial moves toward making web-based communications more fun. Whenever someone complains about the use of emoji, they should be made to understand that emoji usage is one step closer to a real-time hologram.

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