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DJI Launches New Goggles That Allow The Drone To Be Controlled By Moving The Head

Apr 25, 2017 01:03 PM EDT

New reports state that DJI has officially launched its FPV headset. the new headset, which is called Goggles is expected to retail for $449 but will not ship until May 20. The developer already informed fans that they will launch the new headset when they unveiled the Mavic Pro last year.

The new Googles offers a first-person view of all the footage that the drone's camera captures. It is reported that goggles are bigger in size than what was previously expected from DJI, thereby making it look more like a PlayStation VR headset than an FPV goggles. However, the developer stated that a fully-charged goggles would last for a maximum of six hours, which is believed to be sufficient for even the longest drone flying sessions.

In terms of features, DJI incorporated in Googles two screens that both have 1280 x 1440 resolution, which according to Techcrunch is better compared to that of Oculus Rift's two 1080 x 1200 panels. Additionally, the google is able to flip up like a visor to allow users to quickly view the drone off-camera without having to take the goggles off.

The report also states that they are both compatible with the drone maker's new OcuSync wireless technology, thus allowing them to stream 1080p when flying nearby at 30fps and 720p over long distances at either 30fps or 60fps. The developer is reported to have said wearing Goggles will feel just like viewing a 216-inch TV from about 10 feet away.

According to PCmag, an amazing built-in feature known as Head Tracking incorporated in Goggles allows for first-person view flight control and FPV mode also enable users to control the drone's yaw and camera tilt just by moving the head. Reports have it that when using Goggles with a Mavic Pro or Phantom 4, users can utilize intelligent flight features including ActiveTrack and Tripod Mode.

Meanwhile, there is another mode that allows pilots to use their head to control the gimbal in 360-degrees of movement and then continue to use only the controller for flight control. DJI Goggles are available for pre-order but shipping will not commence until May.

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