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Apple Acknowledges iCloud Subscription Issues: Developer Reassures That It Has Been Resolved

Apr 25, 2017 01:00 AM EDT

Recent reports reveal that Apple has acknowledged the earlier issue faced by iCloud subscribers. According to reports, the tech giant recently sent emails to users acknowledging the error and assuring customers that everything has been resolved.

It was reported last week, that some iCloud users have issues with the service as some of them noted that their $0.99/mo 50 GB or $2.99/mo 200 GB iCloud plans had disappeared. They also reported that they received emails stating that their various plans have been discontinued. However, it is reported by 9to5mac that the iCloud subscription issues eventually resolved themselves.

Latest updates have now revealed that Apple has sent out emails to affected users shedding more light on the issue. In the emails sent out to affected users, Apple stated that the emails sent out earlier were sent in error and that users have nothing to worry about as no changes have been made to iCloud storage plans. In addition, Apple noted that all existing iCloud plans will continue to renew automatically.

 "You recently received an email incorrectly stating that your iCloud storage plan has been discontinued. Your 200GB iCloud storage plan is not affected and will continue to renew automatically..... If you have any questions, please contact us," the full text of the email reads.

The developer also stated that they apologize for any inconvenience the error might have caused to iCloud users. Although Apple reassured users in the emails sent that nothing has happened to their subscription and that their iCloud plans are still intact, the developer did not offer the cause of the problem.

It is reported by Parallel State that users were confused with regards to the sudden change of rules when they received the notification last week. The report added that some iCloud users were outrightly notified that their subscription plan had been canceled, other users who did receive similar message still encountered some difficulties in managing their iCloud subscription plan and data.

Furthermore, it is reported that some iCloud users were informed that they will need to update their initial payment details in order to avoid subsequent renewal issues. But it is now clarified by the Cupertino tech giant that the issue was caused by an error and everything including automatic renewal will continue normally.

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