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Samsung Galaxy S8 Runs Into Problem With “Red Screen” Only Week After Launch

Apr 25, 2017 11:43 AM EDT

Only after a week from its launch, the Samsung Galaxy S8 seemed to have encountered a problem with its screen display. Reports reveal that a number of customers complained of an issue causing the screen display to have a red tint.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 already features a "Color Balance" setting which allows users to adjust the color values of the display. Initially, the company offered a manual fix by utilizing this option. Unfortunately, this did not work for all of Samsung Galaxy S8 users, Ars Technica reported. This recent issue claims to be a small one compared to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 catastrophy. With the problems of defective battery could catch fire and Samsung ended up doing a massive recall of all Samsung Galaxy Note 7 units, a small screen color balance issue with the Samsung Galaxy S8 seemed nothing.

Further reports from The Korean Herald claimed that Samsung has decided to release a software upgrade next week for all Samsung Galaxy S8 users. The tech giant pointed out that the upgrade will give customers the option to have enhanced the ability to adjust the Color Balance setting based on their own preference. The upgrade is reported to come in at the end of April.

On the other hand, sales for the Samsung Galaxy S8 seemed to have not been affected by this recent issue. Reports reveal that in Korea, pre-orders have reached around 1 million units from April 7 to April 17. The Samsung Galaxy S8 has officially released a week ago and will also be available soon in 120 countries including China this coming May. The minor issue regarding the red-tinted display does not seem to overturn expectations of the Samsung Galaxy S8 sales to reach 500 million this year.

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