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Samsung Galaxy S8 Reviews: Flagship Gains Polarized Reactions On Controversial Positioning Of Rear Fingerprint Scanner

Apr 20, 2017 09:41 AM EDT

The newly released Samsung Galaxy S8 is certainly a looker. Reviews on the Samsung Galaxy S8 revealed that with its tall, bezel-less display, it is one that catches the eye. Its slight curves and the glass edge functionality give it character with mesmerizing looks.

According to Phone Arena, Samsung Galaxy S8's bezel-less display is a big revelation. And with its slight curve and a narrower frame, this makes the Samsung Galaxy S8 fit better in the hand. With its perfect blend of glass and metal and the Samsung Galaxy S8's size making it very comfortable to hold, all comes together nicely. Furthermore, reports also indicate that the flagship smartphone is noticeably different from all other phones with its screen made taller not wider.

 Reports further suggest that the screen area for the Samsung Galaxy S8 is approximately 13.26 in2 while its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S7 has 11.12 in2. This shows that the Samsung Galaxy S8 has 19% bigger display compared to the previous Samsung Galaxy S7.

In addition, the Samsung Galaxy S8 features the newer Gorrila Glass 5 screen. Reports share that this newer type of glass has been tested to break less and is more durable. Not much has changed when it comes to the sharpness as the Samsung Galaxy S8 still has a Quad HD resolution with the Super AMOLED Diamond Pixel Pentile technology like its predecessor. With Samsung continuously improving its AMOLED screens, the actual colors on the displays are impressive. Consumers can switch from having lush colors in the default Adaptive AMOLED to a more down-to-earth sRGB colors using the Basic mode.

On the other hand, The Verge reported that despite the gorgeous design and impressive display, the Samsung Galaxy S8 seems to have made a polarizing, last-minute decision of placing the fingerprint scanner on its rear. Several reviews claim that placing the fingerprint scanner at the rear and right next to the camera makes it an extremely weird position.

 Instead of placing the fingerprint scanner below the camera where the index finger naturally rest and which is something Huawei, LG and others have done, the Samsung Galaxy S8 has it far up next to the camera. Further reviews reveal that since the fingerprint scanner and the camera module has similar shape and feel, the camera lens is frequently touched by mistake. However, it is also reported that Samsung Galaxy S8's fingerprint scanner is one of the fastest and most responsive.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 makes up for this minor stumbles by adding two other biometric means for unlocking the device. The iris scanning feature and the new face scanning technology is reported to be included in the Samsung Galaxy S8. Apart from the issue with its fingerprint scanner, the Samsung Galaxy S8 has impressive hardware and gives the consumers a futuristic look with sleek style.

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