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Apple iPhone 8 News, Specifications & Rumors: Latest Leak Concurs with Previously Divulged Information of Upcoming Apple Flagship

Apr 24, 2017 06:58 PM EDT

Following the company's tradition of holding information close to its vest until the actual product launch, Apple Inc. is keeping a tight lid regarding the specs of the iPhone 8. However, it could not stop leaks from popping up as this latest one seems to confirm the features of the upcoming iPhone 8.

9ToMac reported that the unconfirmed leak came from Benjamin Geskin who posted an image of the supposed iPhone 8 on Twitter. The photo of the iPhone 8, according to Geskin, is a dummy model of the iPhone 8. Geskin, going by the handle @VenyaGeskin1 on Twitter, credits Foxconn for the purported CNC model of the upcoming Apple flagship.

Assuming that this leak is legitimate, the upcoming iPhone 8 would be equipped with vertical rear cameras, dual front cameras, curved glass and stainless steel, and no noticeable bezel. Also, there is also no rear touch ID fingerprint sensor which might mean that Apple is finally integrating the fingerprint biometric scanner in the screen, or below it

This leak seemingly confirms the specifications of the upcoming Apple flagship as speculated by other sources. With regards to the vertical rear camera shown in the image, it rhymes with a previous leak divulged by noted analyst Ming Chi-Kuo of KGI Securities suggesting that the camera system on the upcoming iPhone 8 could "reinvent the user experience."

The sides of the purported iPhone 8 look like an iPhone 4 or an iPod classic. The power button, the SIM slot, and the elongated power switch are situated at the right side of the supposed iPhone 8 while the volume button and mute switch are set on the left side.

While this leak seems to concur with the current rumors and speculations regarding the specs of the upcoming iPhone 8, no one can be sure whether these images would be used as the template for the newest Apple flagship. As exciting as this news may be, consumers will have to wait until the fall when Apple Inc. officially unveils the iPhone 8 to confirm whether this latest leak has any substance. Until then, expect more of these leaks to start coming out.

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