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iPhone 8 Details Surface Online: Analyst Declare Revolutionary 3D Sensing Camera on Apple Flagship Can ‘Reinvent User Experience’

Apr 03, 2017 06:42 AM EDT

Apple has yet to launch the iPhone 8 and it seems that some tech pundits are already declaring the new flagship as the smartphone to beat in 2017. One noted analyst has even gone as far as saying that iPhone 8's revolutionary 3D sensing camera could "reinvent user experience."

According to BGR, the esteemed Ming Chi-Kuo of KGI Securities deduced that Apple's iPhone 8 will be equipped with a 3D sensing camera developed by PrimeSense. Ming Chi-Kuo declared that the camera in the upcoming iPhone 8 could "reinvent the user experience."

PrimeSense, an Israeli firm that Apple acquired a few years ago, supplied the tech that Microsoft utilized on its first generation version of Kinect. Apple Insider reports that Charlie Chan, an analyst at Morgan Stanley, has chimed in with Ming Chi-Kuo that the iPhone 8 could very well be the smartphone to beat in 2017 following Apple's tie-up with Himax Technologies.

With Himax Technologies poised to provide the 3D sensing components for the iPhone 8, and PrimeSense supplying the camera system components, the new Apple flagship would, at the very least, be carrying one of the most advanced camera systems in the mobile phone industry. And that is seemingly enough to validate Ming Chi-Kuo's claim.

The integration of the components from both PrimeSense and Himax Technologies would allow Apple to have the capability of not only providing the aforementioned high-end camera. It would also give Apple the latent ability to advance the facial recognition and augmented reality features in the upcoming iPhone 8.

This, in turn, according to Ming Chi-Kuo's declaration, will tremendously improve user experience and "reinvent user experience." With these tech pundits seemingly hyped and upbeat for a smartphone that hasn't even gone into production, it's looking like Apple's iPhone 8 is the one to watch out for this year.

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