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Nintendo NES Classic Edition Now Available For Purchase At Best Buy Stores

Apr 24, 2017 03:25 PM EDT


New amazing updates reveal that Nintendo plans to ship its final batch of NES Classic and it is reported that the console will be available at the end of the month. According to reports, the Nintendo NES Classic will now be available at Best Buy stores starting today.

The developer officially announced that it has discontinued the production of the NES Classic console, but it did note that the final shipments of the console will be available for purchase this month. Although the developer did not reveal solid reasons for the discontinuation, some fans are willing to utilize this final opportunity to purchase the console.

Meanwhile, Best Buy has stated that the NES Classic will be available at its stores on Monday, but some of it stores will be doing a ticketing process before the commencement of sales. This will aid in limiting the number of tickets issued to the amount of stock available in the store. Although the retailer did not provide any details with regards to the amount of NES Classic available for purchase, according to The Verge.

It is reported that Best Buy announced on Twitter on Sunday that the NES Classic will be available in-stores starting on Monday. The report added that the reason why the console will not be available online is because of its limited quantities.

Best buy also noted that the availability will be limited to one console per customer. It is reported that the sale of the Nintendo NES Classic will be based on a first come, first-served basis, according to USA Today. The NES Classic which was launched last year, and priced at $60 was welcomed with high demands among gamers, but it seems that the supply never meets the demand due to several reasons that have been provided.

However, Nintendo, unable to keep up with the massive demand of gamers, announced earlier this month Nintendo that it would be discontinuing the production of the console. Since the announcement, it is being reported that the NES Classic have been sold at exorbitant prices by online retailers.

While the device sells for $200 on eBay, it is reported that other retailers sell it for up to four times the regular retail price. Best Buy has also announced that it is slashing the price of NES Classic accessories, as they will no longer be in high demand due to zero production of the NES Classic console.

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