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New Shell Render Of Apple's iPhone 8 Shows Device With Vertical Dual-Lens Camera, iPhone 5-Style Body

Apr 22, 2017 11:08 AM EDT

Recent updates that an iPhone 8 shell render shows the device with a vertical dual-lens camera and a body similar to that of iPhone 5. Rumors and several renders of the highly anticipated device have been circulating online recently, and now, the photos of what is believed to be the shell of the upcoming iPhone 8 have also surfaced.

It is reported that Apple is currently testing several prototypes, some of which recently leaked and revealed most of the projects that the developer is working on. However, two of the prototypes appears to be that of a device with a vertical dual-lens camera, an aluminum frame, and a hole on the back below the Apple logo suspected to be the iPhone 8.

Meanwhile, the new render is said to also possess similar design, only that what is shown in the current render is the shell of what will be the iPhone 8. But if the reports are to be considered, the casing offers a better look at what the upcoming device will look like at launch.

According to MacRumors, the new renders of the iPhone 8, which are based on the previously leaked design schematics, was created by an Instagram user called bro.king. The report also stated that the shell in the render is made from silver aluminum. The shell sports a design that is very much similar to that of the iPhone 5 instead of subtle curves like the recent generation iPhones.

Although the new render did not reveal any details with regards to the size of the upcoming iPhone 8, it is reported by Tuicode that the design schematics the shell is based on suggests that the device is around 149.5mm tall by 72.5mm wide. If this ends up be genuine, the new devices will be larger than the current 4.7-inch iPhone 7, which measures 138.3mm by 67.1mm.

 Furthermore, the new leak appears to be in agreement with previous rumors which suggest that the upcoming iPhone 8 will sport a vertical dual-lens camera to enhance picture quality and augmented reality functionality. It was also previously rumored that the new device will feature a circular cutout on the rear for a Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

But some reports suggest that this circular cutout could also be intended for an inductive wireless charging module. Rumors that Apple is planning on incorporating wireless charging in its new iPhone 8 have been swirling online lately, but recent reports suggest that the developer will likely opt for the inductive charging solution instead of long-range wireless charging technology.

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