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NES Classic Edition STOCK News: Store's List Who Regularly Update Exclusive Console Stock

Apr 12, 2017 06:32 AM EDT


When Nintendo reintroduced the NES Classic Edition in the market, the pre-order alone has dried the stocks intended for the official release. The nostalgic retro console has been elusive to gamers. Popular retail stores like Amazon, Target, Best Buy, and Gamestop have reported the same incident for the console. Here is the latest guide for buyers who wants to buy the genuine NES Classic Edition.

NES Classic Edition's restocking in major US retail stores is quite good news for the console fans since the Gamers had a hard time purchasing the retro console for its shortage ever since it was launched. NES Classic Edition stocks do not stay long in stores; not only for the high demand but scalpels also try to pull a quick buck out of it. For instance, the $1000 price of NES Classic Edition console, eBay is listing it for $59.99.

According to a report from Kotaku, there are some fake retailers coming out.The retro console is priced at $59.99 while the controller is being offered at $39.99. There are also several retailers who have increased their prices due to the scarcity of stocks and high demand. Moreover, for buyers, it is best not to trust sellers offering the NES at a lower price.

Among the reputed retailers, buyers can check from time to time are Target and JB Hi-Fi. For Australians, the retro console is available at JB Hi-Fi stores all over the country. These stores are known to be regularly updating their NES Classic Edition stocks. A recent report from Vook claims however that the massive stocks dumped for Australia will be the last inventory for the said area. Though, Nintendo did not yet confirm this information.

The NES Classic Edition console can be purchased at Target also for a price of $120. Additionally, the retailer already updated the stocks of the controllers. For secured transaction on an online purchase, a lot of media outlets highly recommend Amazon Prime Now. Best Buy had recently held a sale on NES Classic Edition and it is more likely to have another.

At present, there is no significant update for the inventories of the supply online. Stores like Tesco and Argos both have not confirmed the time frame of the arrival of the next NES Classic Edition console, as reported by US Blasting News.

Aside from knowing the possible place where the Switch and NES Classic Edition are available, it is advised to the fans to be ready even before the sale starts. Gamers can do this by logging in on their accounts and be observant in loading up the retailers' website from time to time or they could the local store branches near them.

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