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Lots of NES Classic Edition Mini And Controllers Are Available at JB Hi-Fi

Apr 07, 2017 07:16 AM EDT


NES Classic Edition Mini has always been in demand, since its launch, because of its limited supply problems. The original console which has 30 games from the 8-bit era was a unique and powerful thing at that time. It was so much powerful that the demand for the new console has completely eclipsed supply, leading to crashed websites, exhausted stock and thousands of empty-handed customers.

For those who are still on a Zelda-like quest to procure this mythical gizmo, we have some good news for you all. The Nintendo NES Classic Edition Mini is now available in JB Hi-FI stores, Australia wide.

As reported by Press Start Australia, the biggest bunch of NES Classic Minis has started hitting JB Hi-FI stores around the country. Publication noted that they "we can confirm that almost every JB Hi-Fi store in Australia has received stock with some stores receiving as many units as 50 units." This is definitely the biggest pile of stock that JB Hi-Fi stores have seen since the NES Classic Edition Mini released in November.

You can purchase the NES Classic Edition Mini from JB Hi-Fi's online. Retro mini console is retailing there for just $99. However, you should also pick up a second controller for $16 and you can play with a friend.

On the other hand, you can also make the console on your own, here's a guide to building your own mini Nintendo SNES. All you need is a Raspberry Pi, some emulators and a little DIY know-how. It probably won't be as cute as NES Classic Edition Mini but it will play better games.

In the latest update, it was noted that JB Hi-Fi has exhausted its online stock for the time being. However, NES Classic Edition Mini units are still available to pick up in-store. We advise to hurry up to avoid disappointment.

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