Jan 21, 2021 | Updated: 09:43 PM EST

Best Chromebooks That Students Should Consider Buying

Apr 01, 2017 10:48 AM EDT


Google's Chromebooks now are offered in various sizes and with different hardware configurations. However, the lack of a dedicated operating system for better usage is a bit compromising for an average buyer. That said, Chromebooks make one of the best devices for students of even faculty for that matter likely due to the portability and weight of the device.

While Chromebooks, based on ChromeOS are now integrated to the Android play store, a lot of previously unavailable apps before can now be used such as Microsoft's office suite or Evernote etc. Due to its low-cost factor, Chromebooks also aren't equipped with premium hardware or other features that cannot be offered for a price around US $300. However, a lot of Chromebooks are now offered with a better configuration likely due to the increasing competition and a slowly increasing trend.

A complete list of some of the best Chromebooks that people can buy is reviewed by Android Central. Let's take a look at two of them which are really worth the effort to check them out. Starting with Asus, their Chromebook flip which acts like a 2-in-1, comes at a size of a tablet, around 10.1-inches with a resolution of 1280x800px that also is priced under $300. Processing power is taken care of with a Mediatek processor, 2 or even 4GB of onboard memory. The Chromebook flip also has a great battery life, enough for a day to take notes.

Moving to Samsung, the Chromebook Pro is sturdily built and also comes with one of the best displays in a Chromebook so far. With great hardware inbuilt, its performance power remains unaffected at whatever tasks need to be carried out.  A report from PCMag reveals that Chromebooks are a great choice for users who rely on it for their daily tasks like browsing the internet, or other web-based operations for a lower price.

It's true that they don't come out with great hardware but however, it doesn't involve any additional software installation and other problems commonly experienced with a Windows device. For a student not looking to spend a huge chunk of cash for a device to just take care of their daily academical activity, Chromebooks are probably the cheapest available portable laptops out there. 


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