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2014: Another Year of Google

Feb 16, 2014 07:44 PM EST

The future and 2014 is still looking towards Google and mobile technologies integrating with HTML5. Predictive technology and technologies such as Google Now will drive also be leaders. Google Play will play a strong role in the rise and adoption of enterprise workplace apps. Google Glass is expected to drive mobile productivity insights.

Google can leverage multivariable testing to determine the most effective marketing, including messaging for new products, optimal pricing for maximum revenue, and promotional offers to increase conversions. According to eMarketer, “ Google gains 33% of revenue in the worldwide advertising market this year, up from 31% last year. Share of worldwide mobile web ad revenue will reach nearly 53.2% this year, up from about 52.4% this year. “

Organizations have ability to recognize what products the customers have viewed by platform. The technology by Google is an updated version to traditional cookies with the company having full ownership of its tracking data. Most organizations today are yet struggling to deal with vast amounts of data information. Determining the right channel and digital marketing “experience” mix to communicate for your organization is needed. Google tracking technology reflects how online retail is moving forward in the future.

The latest version of the Google Analytics App for Android are made for users to stay even more connected. The Android app for Google Analytics was downloaded over 700,000 times to date. Google Analytics new app can be downloaded at Google Play. The functionality has been updated as well as adding in more reporting tools. Google Analytics App also is redesigned with new visualizations. Key metrics and real time reporting are also enabled.

The Google Play Store version 4.4.21 is now available for download. With many free and pay sites for downloading digital apps online, Android users will be able to enjoy Google Play’s updated interface and new navigation menu. Apps development has come a long way, making it easier for mobile Android users and developers to create apps using the latest in technology. In the digital age, downloads connect to almost any and every mobile device.

The number one browser in the world is Google Chrome. The company first released its version in 2008. Since then, According to StatCounter, Chrome’s global market share in June 2013 was 43 percent, up from just 33 percent a year ago. At 25 percent market share, Internet Explorer remains the second most popular browser in the world. Microsoft’s (MSFT) browser retains a particularly strong position in North America, where it is almost head to head with Chrome.

Android’s mobile platform is tremendously influenced by Google’s ecosystem. There are a lot of fine lines with the open source platform which integrate deeply with Google.  The risk is even too high for manufacturers to change. Google will further leverage its Google apps through its own brands. As a result, manufacturers will be unable to use Android OS in its entirety due to the apps being close source by Google.

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