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[REVIEW] HTC U11 Smartphone Packed With Extreme Features That Other Smartphone Doesn’t Have

May 30, 2017 05:28 PM EDT

One of the most exciting smartphone this year is the HTC U11. This smartphone may offer such features that other phones doesn't have.

According to Phone Arena, the release of the HTC U11 is another first among the many achievements of the company that created the first Android phone; released the first 4G-enabled phone, and Windows headsets for consumers. The latest model smartphone to be released by HTC is the HTC U11; it offers a wide variety of innovations not seen in a lot of smartphones including the ability to squeeze the phone.

As for the HTC U11, squeezing the phone allows the users to activate various sensors included in the phone. These sensors bring different functions on the phone and when activated include launching apps and switching between the rear and front camera, as well as activating the shutter to make selfies. Another highlight feature is that users may also turn on the flashlight or activate Google Assistant by just squeezing the phone.

HTC also plans to release an app in July called Edge Sense which allows users to configure apps any way they want. The HTC-U11 also offers access to Alexa so users have a choice between Alexa and Google Assistant.

According to Financial Review, these features makes it easier for users to use the phone and get more done, it does require that users must set up the functions and configure everything to fit their individual satisfaction. The learning steps and process for users may a little steep, and it takes the time to learn how to use these features.

HTC U11 is the flagship for HTC this year. The U in the phone name reflects the new design language and series for the smartphone. However, HTC has been all over the place in recent years with the release of its phones, while the HTC U11 illustrates the roots of the company's best phones including unique designs, solid hardware, and an excellent audio quality.

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