Sep 21, 2021 | Updated: 07:19 PM EDT

6 Reasons Your Technology is Outdated and Costing You Money

Aug 05, 2021 05:21 PM EDT

Technology changes daily. It's true. While it's difficult to keep up with the constant updates and upgrades, it is vital to manage your technology within your company. Without a good plan, it'll cost you big money. The problem is that most companies are running on an outdated and old technology paradigm. They want all their tech people in house, they want their data center in house, and they want to operate older technology. And while this may work for some organizations, for the vast majority, this is a surefire way to waste money. Here are the reasons your tech is outdated and costs you more money than you think.

Poor Management

You have too many people overseeing technology. This means that anyone in your organization can at any time purchase and oversee software, computers, and more. UEM management is critical to help you know what your organization has and to manage all of those assets in a single place. While you might want to give your marketing department the freedom to use the tools that help them do their job, the oversight and management of those tools can be done from a single place to ensure they are being taken care of and managed with excellence. Poor management is one of the reasons that many businesses have outdated tech and waste tons of money each year.

You're Too Cheap

Instead of updating equipment, you keep putting band aids on the problems. But the truth is that the situation has become critical and while you're bleeding out on one end, the band aid isn't even sticking. Stop being too cheap to correct the problem the right way. If your data center needs an upgrade, find the money to do it. If you need to get new computers or at least update the hard drives because yours are 10 years old, stop trying to repair them and replace them instead. Stop using free copies of anti-virus and pay for the enterprise solution. This will help you long-term because your data and your team will be protected from potential viruses.  

Data Center

If you're stuck on having your own data center, but you need to expand capacity, maybe it's time to consider alternatives. What would it look like to have a cloud-based data center for your business? I know, you don't want to go to the cloud, but unless you can knock out some walls and add 100's of new servers in a short amount of time, maybe the responsible thing to do would be to consider the cloud. Cloud-based technology is the way of the future and saves companies a significant amount of money. The staff required to oversee your own data center could be leveraged in other ways. The equipment and electricity to run it costs a lot of money too. Getting hung up on an on-site data center is one of the ways that technology costs too much money.

You Won't Change

Saying we've always done it this way won't cut it for technology. Technology is critical for almost every business to operate. If you accept credit cards, have a website, use computers, and need it to operate, it's important to be willing to change. This might mean changing processes, changing software contracts, or even changing computer systems. If you've always been team Apple, but the workarounds are making it more difficult to get things done, maybe it's finally time to make the switch to team Microsoft. Unless you're willing to make changes within your business, your technology will continue costing you more time and money.

Local Software

Are you still downloading things from discs? That's an outdated and old way to handle software. And while you may love the fact that you own Adobe Creative Suite 5 on disc still, there are more features and benefits if you leverage their cloud subscription for your staff. That's simply one example that can be applied to almost any software. If you're focused on only offering local software instead of downloading items from the cloud, you're missing a huge opportunity to save money and time. And it's outdated. Using a software that's 15 years old means you're running a dinosaur.

If you're still doing these things, you're using outdated practices and technology and it's not saving you the money you think it is.

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