Oct 27, 2021 | Updated: 07:19 PM EDT

5 Benefits of Using Android for Business

Sep 15, 2021 07:19 PM EDT

The debate between whether iOS or Android is better for specific purposes continues. There are, of course, benefits to both, but when it comes to compatibility Android is much more versatile. When you're trying to work with other people, Androids are typically the better option. Businesses have begun transitioning to Android for a variety of reasons. While people like iPhones for their simplicity and ease, they are inadequate when it comes to cost, productivity, and more. Below are some benefits of using Androids for business.


The price of iOS becomes immediately apparent when you're thinking about buying your employees new devices. The cost really starts to add up. Androids are often much more reasonably priced, and you can get an Android that does more than an iPhone for a portion of the price. Brand name recognition is a big part of it, but this doesn't do you any good when you need performance. When it comes to the bottom line, there is no doubt that Android is the way to go.


A lot of iOS users will tell you that the security of Apple's products is better than Android. This is not necessarily the case--iPhones can be hacked just like any other phone. In fact, some claim that Apple hides its breaches and security details that you should know. Just because Android is more transparent doesn't mean they aren't as secure. Androids are quite secure, providing the ability to know what is going on with your phone. 

It will tell you when your apps are being used in the background, when an app has accessed your camera, and for how long. These breaches happen on iPhones too, Apple just doesn't tell you that they happen. The company prefers to keep you in the dark to uphold an illusion of total security when, of course, that isn't true. Instead Android gives you options to protect your phone. With Android, transparency is a part of their security strategy.


Another reason that businesses benefit from Androids is that they have compatible hardware to every other Android. They are also compatible with any Windows computer. This makes work flow smooth in and outside of the office. When you buy Androids for your employees, they will be able to better interact. It will be easier to send photos and videos should they need to. Employees will be able to have the same apps that are only available for Android. There are all kinds of ways that having compatible Androids will help your business and improve productivity.


Since Androids provide the ability for complete compatibility with other Androids, it makes them more productive. Not only will you be able to share files with others more easily and work on the same Android apps, you will be able to manage telecom expenses, also known as Telecom Expense Management, or TEM. The TEM benefits include the ability to apply cost management to your data, mobile services, and telecom bills by offering a comprehensive and accurate inventory of the network. This enables your business to cut down on costs and encourage employees to utilize their phones to their fullest ability. Androids are productive in all kinds of ways.

Low Barrier to Entry

Finally, the last benefit of using Android for business is that it has a low barrier to entry. This means that there are no costly fees for licensing or development tools. It is possible to develop applications without spending money on them. If you're using an Android to work with development tools for an app, Android is clearly the way to go. You won't need to work about the costly licensing fees to work with the necessary tools.

If your business is thinking about buying phones for your employees to keep everything consistent and productive, Androids are the best option. They are cheaper, more reliable, more compatible, and have transparent security. You will be able to share photos, videos, and other files more easily while working on Android apps. You will have the ability to use development tools without a crazy entry cost. With so many benefits to using Android for business, you have to wonder why you would use anything else to get the job done.

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