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[REVIEW] Huawei Introduces The Newest Second-Gen MateBook E: What Are The Changes

May 26, 2017 03:11 AM EDT

Huawei recently launched its newest MateBook series, a second generation laptop offering a 13-inch clamshell aimed at premium users, a 15.6-inch device for educational and office uses, and their next generation 2-in-1 called the MateBook E.

As the second generation product, this newest MateBook E fixes those questionable points and brings everything up to the latest hardware. The device is now using the latest Kaby Lake-Y processor; adjusting what configurations sold best, and giving a keyboard along with hinge that users actually wanted.

As for the MateBook E's internal specifications, the device wears the 4.5W Kaby Lake Y processor from Intel. Along with Intel's new naming scheme, the MateBokk E gets either the Core m3-7Y30 or the Core i5-7Y54 that match the similar CPUs to the latest gen with also the latest microarchitecture using updated features such as Speed Shift 2. These processors were packed with Intel's HD 615 graphics and will be supplied with either 4GB or 8GB of LPDDR3, 128GB, 256GB or 512GB of PCIe storage.

According to Windows Central, the latest MateBook E's biggest changes are in the keyboard folio. The keyboard folio now comes with the device rather than being an add-on, and the hinge is updated to allow for a full 160 degree of tilt. The hinge mechanism isn't anything special like we've seen with fancy designs before, however, with a few minutes use it was clear that the design was sturdy for what it needed to be.

As noted by Trusted Reviews, the new MateBook E is thinner coming in at 6.9mm and houses a 33.7 Wh battery which the company claims is good for 9 hours of video playback at 50 percent brightness. Its speaker system was carried over from its predecessor model, although with Dolby Audio Premium certification.

 Huawei announced the pricing for a few models, with the low configuration of m3, 4GB DRAM, and 128GB SSD starts at a price of $1119, while the high configuration of Core i5-Y, 8GB of DRAM and 256GB SSD will be at $1456. Meanwhile, the color models for the MateBook E will be region dependent as the latest one reveals a Titanium Grey and a Champagne Gold.

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