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‘Pokemon GO’s’ ‘Splash! Magikarp’ New Smartphone Game Releases In iOS & Android On May 23

May 24, 2017 04:19 AM EDT


The Pokemon Company is releasing on Tuesday, May 23, a new smartphone game. “Splash! Magikarp” has a goal to train the water Pokemon to splash higher than other monsters. The game involves players training their Magikarp to use the Eye of the Tiger to train their monsters to be the best splasher.

The venue of “Splash! Magikarp” is Hop Town, a place where all love Magikarps, Siliconera reports. The town hosts a special league where the water monsters compete with fellow Magikarps to discover which Pokemon has the highest splash.

To be the highest splasher in “Splash! Magikarp,” it goes beyond training the water monster. To win the game in Hop Town, the player also has to ensure the Pokemon is eating well. Other kinds of Magikarps would also be seen in the game, including rare monsters such as Pikachu, Piplup, Rowlet, and Charizard. However, these popular Pokemon would only cheer on the Magikarps as well as help support the home screen pond of the new game.

“Splash! Magikarp” has events that randomly occur and come in good and bad varieties. One Magikarp was rewarded with a berry after making a high splash in the “Old Rod” event. Various decorations for the home screen unlock while playing through the game which rolls out in Japan on Android and iPhone.

Polygon notes that “Splash! Magikarp” is not a traditional Pokemon battle since the Magikarps compete with fellow water monsters only. The game website says it is a smart move by the Pokemon Company to focus on another type of competition because it gives the fish monster, often maligned, an opportunity to display its admirable qualities.

Nintendo Life reports “Splash! Magikarp” was initially revealed in February, but since then nothing was heard about the game until on Monday. The website says the game is also available in Italy but only on iOS platforms and is named there “Pokemon: Magikarp Jump.”

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