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‘One Piece’: Unlimited World Red Will Release In PS4 & Nintendo Switch, Promo Video Released

May 16, 2017 07:25 AM EDT

Bandai Namco Entertainment just released an official promotional video of their latest version of "One Piece": Unlimited World Red game. This is going to be the deluxe edition of the game which will be released on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch port. The company has decided to name it "One Piece": Unlimited World Red Deluxe Edition and will release it on Aug. 24 in Japan.

According to Anime News Network, the deluxe edition of "One Piece": Unlimited World Red game was initially launched on PlayStation 3, Wii U, PS Vita, and Nintendo 3DS platform. With the growing popularity of the game, the company had already decided to continue it under the upgraded console platforms. "One Piece": Unlimited World Red was the 36th game of the "One Piece" series. The game received a "more than decent" review from the experts. The average rating it acquired from the experts was seven out of 10, which is a very good result for any action/adventure game. It had a single-player as well as multiplayer gaming mode.

"One Piece": Unlimited World Red can be played by up to four players together. The players can indulge in different quests and battle enemies by choosing any of the Manga and Anime characters. The players will be able to catch fish, bugs, and hunting treasures and do many other activities to train their character. Some of the main characters of the game are Red, the villain wanting to be the Pirate King and Pat, a new raccoon character.

According to Gematsu, there is still no concrete news on when the game will be released in Europe or the western part of the world. The date has been fixed on Aug. 24 for the game to be released in Japan for PS4 and Nintendo Switch port. The game will be released under the name of "One Piece": Unlimited World Red Deluxe Edition in Japan and will cost 4,800 yen.

The weekly magazine of Japan, Weekly Jump reported about the game's expected release dates and news, but there was no mention whether the game will be released in the western part of the world. But Bandai Namco trademarked the "Unlimited World" in Europe on March this year, which definitely indicates a possible release in the continent. Fans are definitely excited to see their "One Piece": Unlimited World Red being released on the latest consoles.

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