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‘Pokemon GO’ Update: Niantic Release a Server-Side Update to Stop Cheaters from Taking Advantages at Pokémon’s

May 10, 2017 05:19 PM EDT


Few hours after the Double XP Easter event has ended, Niantic pushed automatically a server-side update that has made it much harder for botters and spoofers to obtain Pokémon with perfect IV's (individual values).

According to Birmingham Mail, the move came only days after Niantic took to twitter to announce that they were making more of an effort to fight back against cheaters and hackers. Previously, every time a Pokémon was encountered in the wild, it would have the exact same IV's and move set no matter who encountered it, and the only thing that differs was the CP. With this, it made easy for botters and spoofers to fly around the world and catching 100 percent IV Pokémon as they could simply pinpoint the exact location with mapping services, teleport to the location, and makes the catch easily.

With the latest "Pokémon GO" update, cheating makes harder for spoofers and botters by randomizing IV's and move sets to encounter, just like it has always happened with a Pokémon CP. It also illustrates how a shiny Magikarp won't be shiny for everyone and will do wonders to slow down cheaters from catching the most powerful Pokémon in the game.

The "Pokémon GO" update was first claimed by a Reddit user named Marvel227 on The Silph Road. He/she stated that part of a rather large Pokémon GO community in a rather large US city, where hearing lots of reports that multiple people have caught multiple of the same Pokémon and found different IVs, as noted by Heavy.

Niantic developers are still evaluating the effects of their server-side update, where its main objective is to stop spoofers and cheaters from obtaining strong Pokémon over and over again. "Pokémon GO" also plans to punish players who are breaking the rules or face something consequences. However, it will go unfairly punish players who aren't breaking the rules. Stay tuned for updates as the "Pokémon GO" developers team makes updates and fixes for the game.

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