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Ducati’s New Naked Monster 797 Bike Offers The Ultimate Fun To The Bike Riders

May 09, 2017 02:09 AM EDT

Ducati's new naked Monster 797 has unveiled as the entry-level bike at this year's EICMA, Milan. Recognized as muscle bike or naked bike, the new 2017 Monster 797 is the successor of Monster 821 and 1200. The naked Monster 797 is sporty, easy to ride, playful, very light and also in this moment the base offering of Ducati.

According to Maxim, Ducati Monster has reported that one of the Ducati's main goal is to offer the ultimate fun to the every naked Monster 797 bike rider. In line with product manager Stefano Tarabusi, Ducati wants a Monster that is more Monster than any other Monster, that means the 100 percent Monster. In a report, Ducati also stated that the new 797 has opened the gateway to the Ducati world, for those who are looking for an easy, intuitive ride along with sheer sports enjoyment.

Monster 797 is the latest and smallest member of Ducati's naked family and also the successor of Monster 821 and 1200. The entry level Monster 797 is more relaxed and stretchable than its predecessors. The bison-back gas tank, red steel-tube frame, monster headlamp and exposed mechanical bits are the indicators of its nudity. Monster 797 possesses both seat height for shorter and taller riders along with comfort seats. It has 75-HorsePower and air-cooled 803CC L-twin engine with 11:1 compression ratio. Ducati's naked Monster 797 also possesses the six-gear transmission, ABS, LED parking and brake lights, monochrome digital display and an USB power socket. Reports revealed that the Monster 797 weighs 425 pounds.

According to Digitaltrends, in Ducati's language, the main theme of naked Monster 797 is - turn up the fun. So it was Ducati's intention to give the ultimate fun through this sophisticatedly designed Monster 797. The Monster 797 is the ideal choice for any bike lover who wants to fill the wind but doesn't want drive at 150mph. It's youthful, playful and has the traditional cutting edge Brembo radial-mount front brake calipers with anti-lock function.

So in one word, Ducati's new naked Monster 797 is as comfortable, light and easy to handle as promised. Based on color and price range, the Ducati Monster 797 has three variants- Ducati Red is $9,925, while the Ducati Star White and Dark Stealth is for $9,935.

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