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Oppo F3 Plus Specs, Price & Release: A New Dimension To The Selfie Mania

May 05, 2017 06:23 PM EDT

Oppo F3 plus is quickly making a mark among the youngsters due to its sleek design and dual FFC. Released in April 2017, the smartphone will house Qualcomm Pro Snapdragon 653 with Adreno 510 as the GPU. It will be powered by a mammoth 4GB RAM and 64GB internal space. However, things take a slight dip as it will run on Android 6.0 (Marshmallow), a rather outdated OS in 2017.

According to GSM Arena, The upcoming F3 Plus has a Corning Gorilla Glass 5 that will protect the 1080 x 1920 resolution display which will feature Multi-touch. Fingerprint sensor alongside basic sensors will be incorporated and the feature of quick charging will also be seen in Oppo F3 Plus.

Slashgear explains why Oppo F3 Plus is such a crowd puller despite its relatively tame features. The dual FFC is not a new concept; Huawei P9 and P10 have already sported this feature. The reason why F3 plus is a cut above the rest is the two cameras are not required to set manually every time one wants to take a picture alone or with a huge group.

The primary front camera of Oppo F3 Plus is powered by 16 megapixels and f/2.0 aperture is perfect for a picture with three or fewer people in it. The secondary camera which houses 8 megapixel, but a wider 120-degree lens will accommodate a bigger group. Oppo has revealed there close working relationship with Sony which led to the idea of "Selfie Expert". Users will be delighted to use the dual cameras due to the fast sensors which can click pictures even when the object is moving fast or in an unconventional manner.

Overall, the picture quality of Oppo F3 Plus is unparalleled and will surely strengthen Oppo's bid as the premier Camera based Smartphone makers in the World. Rave reviews have upped Oppo's sales this month and circumstances show that this might be the trend for the next 2-3 months.

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