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Lenovo Moto Tablet 2017 Brings The “Productivity Mode” Of Lenovo’s Yoga Book

May 05, 2017 03:53 AM EDT

It's been an era when the telecommunication company, Motorola left the stage of making android tablets, but Moto is now back in the game, with the new Lenovo Moto Tablet 2017. From a very trusted source, it's reported that the Lenovo-owned Motorola Company is all set to unveil a new Lenovo Moto Tablet 2017 along with some innovative features. Though nothing has officially announced by Motorola or Lenovo about the upcoming tablet.

According to 9 to 5 Google, it's reported that the upcoming Lenovo Moto Tablet will bring a new feature- "Productivity Mode". It will help the users to save the recently used or frequently used apps in the navigation bar and also there will be an app drawer in the bar. Users will be able to run two apps simultaneously and to close the apps with a long press on the icon and dragging it upwards.

 It's suggested that the apps will stay in the navigation bar that is in the memory until the apps are dragged out from the bar. So, it gives a hint of Chrome OS in the Android, which means the Lenovo Moto Tablet will run the version, Andromeda. Then there is a chance that the Lenovo Moto Tablet will launch in May, at the search giant's I/O developer conference. Reports have also proclaimed that this apps' enable and disable mode and the new skinny navigation button is not really new, was shown previously in Lenovo's Yoga Book.

According to Android Police, Motorola has not announced anything about the Lenovo Moto Tablet's processor or name or design yet. But from a very trusted source, it is deciphered that the new Lenovo Moto Tablet will possess a 9-inch to 10-inch screen and the "Productivity Mode" with a premium look. Also, one version of Lenovo Moto Tablet will offer cellular connectivity.

When android tablets haven't seen updates in ages, Motorola is working on this to bring new updates with the upcoming Lenovo Moto Tablet. As the Moto Z2 flagship smartphone is on the way, Motorola is also trying to unveil the new Lenovo Moto Tablet eventually in 2017. Though the release date and price of the product are still a mystery.

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