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‘Mario Kart’ 8 Deluxe Is The Almost Perfect Game Till Date From Nintendo

May 02, 2017 09:43 AM EDT

"Mario Kart" 8, the eighth major title of "Mario Kart" series was first released in May 2014. Since then the title has sold over 8 million copies worldwide. The game has several single-player and multiplayer game modes, including online multiplayer platform connected by Nintendo Network Over the times the title has been updated with several characters, cars and tracks. The enhanced port of this title for the Nintendo Switch was released last month this year, under the title of "Mario Kart" 8 Deluxe.

According to Engadget, Nintendo wants to make "Mario Kart" 8 Deluxe the best Mario Racer till date. The game comes with a total of 48 courses and 42 characters. It has an upgraded 1080p mode while playing it docked from the Switch. Added to these, there is an auto-steering help for "not so pro" players.

The joy controllers can be used as two mini controllers and two players can play the game. The game comes in different modes and this feature makes it even more interesting.

According to Forbes, the new Battle Mode in "Mario Kart" 8 Deluxe comes with five new modes and eight new maps. In the traditional "Balloon Battle" mode, the players will have to pop everyone's balloons while avoiding the same for themselves. In "Renegade Roundup" mode the players take on the roles of Renegades and the Authorities.

The next mode is "Bob-omb Blast" mode, which is not very different than "Balloon Battle" mode, except the players can carry multiple Bob-mobs at once. The "Coin Runners" mode is basically collecting as many coins as possible. Also, players can hit opponents with shells to make them lose their coins. The last one is the "Shine Thief" mode in which the players can capture the "Shine Sprite" and try to hold on to it while the others will try to take it away. These modes along with the new tracks make "Mario Kart" 8 Deluxe stand out from its peers.

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