May 22, 2018 | Updated: 07:21 PM EDT

Apple Watch NikeLab Limited Edition Will Be Available Starting April 27; Same Features but Different WristBand From Apple Watch Nike+

Apr 21, 2017 05:36 PM EDT

With the success launched of Apple Watch Nike+, Apple and Nike made another collaborative sports watch project. The two companies introduced the new Apple Watch NikeLab that will be available on April 27 and will last for one week.

You might be wondering what Apple Watch NikeLab differs from Apple Watch Nike+ since the latter becomes a big hit in the market. The only differences between the two were the wristband and stamped logo.

These two companies boast the new Light Bone/Black Nike Sports band, differs from the inner neon yellow color of Apple Watch Nike+. The new color perfectly matches the Space Grey design of Apple Watch Series 2. On the back design, you will able to notice the NikeLab Innovation x Innovators stamped logo. With its unique color variant, Apple Watch NikeLab could be the "most stylish" sports watch ever. In Apple and Nike description, it is the "the ultimate style companion" for all runners.

As mentioned, Apple Watch NikeLab still possessed the same features with Apple Watch Nike+ including the Nike+ Run Club App and exclusive Siri commands. These two amazing features are essential for all runners using this sports watch to get on track with the running activity. Aside from that, the new Apple Watch still run the latest watchOS 3.2 together with the built-in GPS. There is also a two-times-brighter display, water resistance to 50 meters and a dual-core processor.

According to MacRumors, Apple Watch NikeLab will be in a limited edition with limited time and place. That means it will only be on sale for one week starting on April 27. In addition, only NikeLab stores and Apple's pop-up store from Isetan Shinjuku in Japan will purchase the exclusive sports watch.

Most likely, Apple Watch NikeLab will have the same price with Apple Watch Nike+. 38mm version for $369 while 42mm for $399 as Phone Arena reported. Though it does have a minimal difference from Apple Watch Nike+, the new collaboration between Apple and Nike will still be an interesting one.

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