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Hulu's Live TV Streaming Service To Launch In First Week Of May

Apr 20, 2017 05:23 PM EDT

New reports suggest that Hulu is preparing to launch its new live TV service in the coming weeks. As fans already know, Hulu has released lots of details about the new streaming service, but fans have been kept in the dark as to when the service will launch.

Although Hulu has already announced that its new live TV streaming service would likely launch this spring, it is reported that the company has now informed staff internally that the first week of May is the launch date being targeted. It is believed that the upcoming launch event would probably coincide with the arrival of the company's new user experience that was unveiled at CES 2017.

However, it is reported that even if Hulu intends to launch the service in the first week of May, the official launch date of the live TV streaming service is dependent on the ongoing beta testing used to obtain feedback from users and eliminate bugs, according to Macrumors. Hulu would likely push the date further because a beta testing is currently ongoing and the company may decide to make few changes based on the beta feedback.

With this, most fans are expecting the live TV streaming service to launch in mid-May or even third week of May, according to 9to5mac. Meanwhile, reports suggest that even though the exact launch date of the live TV streaming service is yet to be determined, Hulu will most certainly launch the service in May. Recent reports also suggest that Hulu intends the service fee of the live TV streaming service to cost $39.99/month.

The service is expected to include the on-demand video service, the ability of users to limit ads for on-demand videos and an upgraded cloud DVR feature. It is reported that the add-on cloud DVR service would likely cost an additional $20/month, which will serve as a fee for unlimited storage capped at 200 hours of programming with Hulu's live TV streaming service.

It is rumored that the company is planning on allowing the live TV streaming service to support up to concurrent devices in the same home. According to Hulu, channels will include content from 21st Century Fox, CBS, Disney, and ESPN, but it is still not clear whether Hulu will provide multiple packages like DirecTV Now. the company unveiled the new user interface, which is expected to launch with the new live TV streaming service on its preview website last month.

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