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iMac 2017 Update: Apple’s Upcoming Mac Desktop Made To Compete Against Microsoft Surface

Apr 17, 2017 08:23 AM EDT

Speculation rises regarding the 2017 variant of the Apple iMac, theories about the device's specifications, details, release date, and features have been spreading around. Well, here it is. Some leaked information for the upcoming iMac 2017.

According to PC Advisor, reports have been made that the upcoming iMac 2017 will have its Kaby Lake Processors unveiled last CES 2017 where tech enthusiasts are now making guesses that the device will be equipped with Intel's latest chipset. Aside from that, this year's iteration of the iMac will feature AMD's Radeon Polaris graphics chips under the hood.

The iMac 2017 might even be VR (Virtual Reality) ready, Apple Inc. Chief executive Tim Cook recently shared more details on what's in store for the Mac desktop, especially the 5K iMac; where Tim Cook noted that the desktop is indeed very strategic for the company.

Speculations emerged that the iMac 2017 could hit the stores sometime between the second half of 2017. Unfortunately, the Kaby Lake chipsets are not associated with a release date yet, in which could interfere with the launch of the alleged new MacBook Pro and new iMac. Out of the several variants of the chipset, the upcoming iMac will be using the S and Y-Series while the H and U-series will fire up the MacBook Pro.

Meanwhile, the last iteration of Apple's iMac range of all-in-one desktop computer was released a couple of years ago. As the current generation iMac, its only selling point is the 5K Retina display for the 27-inch variant of the device. The Apple Company is now planning with an array of awe-inspiring features in order to compete against the popularity of the Microsoft Surface series. The upcoming iMac will sport a 27-inch display along with its 2TB Fusion Drive, and a 32GB of memory.

Several reports from Mac Rumors noted that the upcoming iMac is likely to pack AMD's Polaris 10 that offers an upgraded graphics performance as well as potential reductions in power consumption. As for its leaked price, the device could be up for grabs bearing a price tag of $3,199.99, but Apple has neither confirmed nor denied these speculations.

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