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‘Pokemon GO’ Latest News Update: Niantic Labs Hints Of Raids In Big Event Being Planned For Summer 2017

Apr 17, 2017 06:13 AM EDT


Unconfirmed reports last week hinted of “Pokemon GO” raids on PokeStops in which players could attack or defend a gym. Other than the reports suggesting the experiences could feature from the first mobile game of Niantic, “Ingress,” not much detail has been provided. The latest report said that Niantic Labs is currently developing in-game mechanics for the event to launch in summer 2017.

More Small-Scale Events. Besides the huge event planned for summer 2017 in Japan, Pokemongohub said that Raids, Trading, and PvP are under development. Niantic Labs is also developing more small-scale events similar to the Water Festival in March throughout the rest of 2017. For promotions and bigger events, Niantic Labs would partner with local governments similar to what happened in the Tohoku Region for the “Pokemon GO” Lapras event.

Also being tackled by the game developer for “Pokemon GO” is a new concept of a wearable device to bring augmented reality closer to the real world, according to K-Tai Watch, a Japanese news outlet. K-Tai Watch interviewed Yoshiji Kawashima, Asian general manager, and Kenji Suka, Asian general marketing manager of Niantic Labs. The two said the device could not be supported by current technology, WWG reported.

Eggstravaganza Until Next Week. While waiting for Niantic Labs employees to provide more details, until next week, an ongoing Eggstravaganza would still be in place. Android Central says it could be the long-speculated Legendary events for “Pokemon GO.”

Random Wreck cites six dates that support the speculation the huge “Pokemon GO” event is linked to raids and the Legendary Pokemon. On March 3, Niantic Labs CEO John Hanke hinted there would be more of the Legendary monsters in 2017. On March 18, a trainer found that people from Pokemon Company are working closely with Niantic Labs for an upcoming Pokemon GO feature. Four more dates in April point to the developers’ interest in outdoors co-op gameplay features that would be released in spring and the mention of local raids in network traffic of the game.

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