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‘Pokémon GO’ Easter Event Update: Several Egg Changes Will Be Implemented Including Porygon

Apr 14, 2017 07:04 AM EDT


"Pokémon GO" Easter event was recently released earlier today. From this event, 2KM egg pools were changed. Pokémon that hatch from 2KM eggs aren't the only changes in eggs today. It is uncertain now, with the changes that have been made rather or not the 2KM eggs will stay the same.

According to Daily Star, if 2KM eggs changes after the event, it will be hard to assume which Pokémon Niantic will have secretly changed until after the event is over. As of now, Porygon now hatches from 10KM eggs; Niantic players can now get more candies from hatching a Porygon which is kind of nice given the rarity of Porygon. Instead of hatching 3-4 Porygons, players now will only need to hatch 2. There are several Pokémon that were in 10KM eggs that now hatch in 2KM eggs for the event; which will also increase the odds of hatching Porygon in "Pokemon GO."

Several egg changes are still being reported and examined. By now, it is hard to say if Porygon hatching from 10KM eggs is only part of the event; or Niantic made a secret move. An event beginning in "Pokémon GO" today gets festive with a big focus on Pokémon Eggs, starting from 1 PM PT today until 1 PM PT on April 20, 2017, where all players are encouraged to get out on the Pokémon Egg hunt.

There will be an increased variety of Pokémon that will be found in two-kilometer Eggs during the event. Those are the most common Eggs to find and, as such, typically hold some less than impressive in "Pokémon GO." Not so for the next seven days, trainers must go hunting.

As noted by Mirror UK, hatching eggs will also earn players more candy than usual; confirming that "Pokémon GO" understands kids' favorite part of Easter. Niantic players will earn twice as much experience for the event's duration, no matter what they do. For the bright part, Lucky eggs will be sold to maximize the experience buffs.

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