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Double XP ‘Pokemon Go’ Easter Egg Event Begins On April 13, Redditor Claims

Apr 13, 2017 03:25 AM EDT


A day after reports came out that Niantic Labs would launch an Easter event for “Pokemon GO,” a Redditor claims to have more details. The event is said to be a double XP event and would launch on Thursday, April 13. According to HiddenLeaker, the event would involve 2km eggs.

Boosted Hatch Rates For Rare Pokemon

Although Niantic Labs has not confirmed or denied the information, Heavy points out that Redditor HiddenLeaker accurately predicted “Pokemon GO’s” Water Festival in March. PokemonGoHub adds that the egg hunt would begin on Thursday and run for one week. The event would boost hatch rates for very, very rare Pokemon such as Snorlax, Lapras, Porygon, and Miltank.

Mirror points out that Snorlax and Lapras are usually hatched from eggs which require “Pokemon GO” players to walk a specific distance. Snorlax and other Legendary Pokemon are anticipated to arrive in the game by the end of 2017.

Following the leak, some “Pokemon GO” fans speculate that the rare Pokemon could temporarily hatch from 2km eggs during the Easter event. It would make it easier for players to get eggs and serve as an incentive to hatch eggs during the Easter holiday.

Silph Road Observations

However, to make it easier for “Pokemon GO” players, the people at Silph Road thread on Reddit shared their observations about the eggs. In a new post, they say that egg species is determined based on hidden rarity traits not linked to egg distance tiers. It means not all 10km eggs are rare than 2km or 5km eggs. It explains why it is easier to acquire a 10km egg with a Dratini inside rather than a 2KM egg with a Machop inside.

Forbes points out that Niantic Labs has a penchant for mixing and matching different event types. It has never done the same thing twice. Since the game developer of “Pokemon GO” has not confirmed anything, Forbes speculates the Easter event could involve cutting the distance by half to hatch eggs, discounted price for incubators, and higher egg drop rates from PokeStops.

It also foresees it could be a “Pokemon GO” Easter Egg hunt similar to what is practiced in different parts of the world. The eggs could be scattered in different cities and appear like spawns.

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