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‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News & Update: Data Mine Spills Lost Of New Features Ahead For Gamers , Find Out What They Are

Apr 13, 2017 02:11 AM EDT


By now most are aware that Niantic has rolled out an update for “Pokemon Go” for Android and iOS. They barely carry something to cheer about from the outside but the planned features moving forward could change all that.

Thanks once again to “Pokemon Go” data miners, some of the new stuff to expect moving forward have been spilled, Pokemon Go Hub reported. Among the codes found in the new versions for both Android and iOS include redeemable codes, new PokeStop rewards and more.

Redeemable Codes

Similar to coupons, “Pokemon Go” gamers can look forward to getting redeemable codes that they can use at the game shop. Among the stuff, they can get include items, some Avatar goodies, candy, stardust, and PokeCoins. Depending on what a player needs, these should be welcome add-ons once they go live.

Rewritten Rewards

In what could be a curious change, some PokeStops could become more interesting for hardcore “Pokemon Go” players. Noted on the data mine were improvements to animation and sound which may hardly make a difference. Could there be changes on the payouts as well? We will just have to wait and see.

Better performance

With each update made to “Pokemon Go” comes the hope of improved performance. For those into Pokemon battles, lag is a killer and the actual fights do come with some hiccups. All that is up for change, hopefully accounting for better duels ahead.

For those playing the game, a sign that the changes have been made comes in the “Pokemon Go” load up screen. While it may not be much, analyzing the visual could be a hint of things to come, Forbes reported. With a bigger and fierce-looking Pokemon, could we finally see more pocket monsters? Or will the Pokemon Legendaries finally come out? A lot is in store so the best way to see them is to keep on playing “Pokemon Go.”

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