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Easter Event For 'Pokemon GO' May Happen Very Soon As Easter Eggs Surface

Apr 12, 2017 06:44 AM EDT


Loyal catchers of "Pokemon GO" are once again anticipating another holiday-themed event around the corner. Niantic previously jazzed up it's gaming by giving its players the chance to nab specific Pokemon characters that were deployed during Christmas, Halloween and other occasions. As such, Pokemon GO players are gearing up for a similar event to celebrate Easter.

According to iSports Times, Niantic has not yet revealed plans for the Easter event. However, rumors suggest that "Pokemon GO" game developers are considering to increase spawns for the Pokemon Exeggcute. Just recently, Niantic ended its Water Festival event which temporarily up the spawn rates of select water-type Pokemon creatures.

With Easter becoming more imminent, "Pokemon GO" players are hoping for a special treat that might include another Shiny Pokemon. Further reports also indicate that a Shiny variant of the creature may also be deployed in the wild. However, confirmation is yet to be received about the rumors circulating and Niantic remains quiet about the line-up of Pokemon GO events for 2017.

Reports from Express share that the development team is looking to launch an egg-themed bonus during the Easter event as well as launching the "Pokemon GO's" newest mechanics. Various scoops from the grapevine also revealed that evidence of new Redeemable Codes, Avatar accessories, Candy, Stardust, and PokeCoins were uncovered by Dataminers. Moreover, they discovered that Redeemable Codes will be redeemed via the in-game shop and can now be ready to be deployed. The Pokemon Go Easter event could be the first in various different forms to include some kind of free promotion for players to earn extra Pokeballs. There are also speculations that Niantic may release more Grass-type Pokemon and other creatures.

On the other hand, reports also state that there is a significant drop in "Pokemon GO" players from the time it debuted in the US. According to a data from comScore, Niantic's mobile app is reported to have 28.5 million users during its peak sometime around July of 2016. However, by the end of December 2016, their numbers dropped to around 5 million.

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