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Surface Pro 5 Latest News: ‘Alien Covenant’ Teaser Suggests Microsoft May Feature AMD Ryzen, Carrying Windows 10 Creators Update In The Flagship

Mar 22, 2017 09:55 AM EDT


AMD Ryzen is a powerful machine intelligence with 8 processor cores, 16 threads, and an astonishingly efficient 65W TDP. There are many manufacturers are employing AMD Ryzen into their laptops and PC, including the upcoming Microsoft Surface Pro 5.

Previous unconfirmed news says that Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will be getting the Intel Kaby Lake Chips, however, as the trailer for an upcoming sci-fi thriller "Alien: Covenant" reveals, the device might actually run on an AMD processor instead. The video will feature an android creation of 'Walter' which has a prominently branded AMD chip as his brain.

One of the doctors is also shown using a device that looks like Microsoft Surface Pro 5 model. The promotional video, sponsored by Intel's rival AMD, showing campaign description that reads 'Intelligence powered by AMD (Ryzen, and Radeon), as reported by ITPRO.  

Based on that fact, many believe that Microsoft Surface Pro 5 might be released in two variants, the AMD-based variant as well as the expected Intel version. Some also claim that the company will use Qualcomm Snapdragon 635 processor instead of Intel Kaby Lake chip, but Microsoft hasn't given any official confirmation about those speculations.  

It's very likely that Microsoft's latest flagship device will also bring in the Windows 10 Creators Update as the OS is set to be unleashed this spring (Q1 2017). With the expected release date of Microsoft Surface Pro 5 coincides with the release of the Windows 10 Creators Update, Microsoft might plan to tie the two products into a bundle.

The company can use its latest tablet, Microsoft Surface Pro 5 to showcase the latest version of its operating system, a very common tactic that has ever used in the past. According to PCAdvisor, Microsoft also reduces the Surface Pro 4 price to £609 (from £749), indicating that a replacement is on its way.

MobiPicker reports that Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is predicted to come with a stunning 4K display panel, C-Type USB port, and a magnetic stylus that supports wireless charging. If the device is to launch in Q1 2017, it's most likely that the gadget will feature Intel Kaby Lake since AMD Ryzen simply doesn't fit into the timeline. Watch the teaser of "Alien: Covenant" below and see for yourself the Suspiciously-looking Microsoft Surface Pro 5 and the campaign description, 'intelligence powered by AMD, Ryzen, and Radeon'.

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