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Xbox One Updates: Games with Gold April 2017 Announcement Schedule; 'Final Fantasy XV' Got Massive Game Discount

Mar 21, 2017 09:10 AM EDT

Few days to go before the month ends and gamers are now trying to get a sneak peek of what free titles will be included in the Games with Gold April 2017. The list for GwG program could possibly be announced within the week from Xbox One News. Xbox fans are guessing which from their roster of free titles will be included the following month.

According to Express, the list for Games with Gold March 2017 were announced on February 22 having fans believe that the announcement for April will also proceed anytime this week. What excites the Microsoft's Xbox fan base the most is that no titles has been leaked as of to date giving more thrill and speculations on the rise. For the remaining days of March, the games to collect includes Layers of Fear (available from March 1 - 31), Evolve Ultimate Edition (which is available from March 16-April 15), both for Xbox One; and Heavy Weapon (which is available from March 16-31 on Xbox 360 & Xbox One). Nonetheless, Microsoft is believed to be announcing the line-up anytime soon, especially that their gaming console rival Sony PlayStation has already disclosed April first PS Plus free game, as per reports.

While waiting for the GwG April 2017 official announcement, the gaming console fans have something to celebrate as this week's Games with Gold video game discounts have been announced. The highlight of this discounted games come with Final Fantasy XV gets a 40% price cut while the Final Fantasy XV Digital Premium Edition receives a 30% discount, as per On Msft. Furthermore, other Xbox One good deals this week are "The Peanuts Movie: Snoopy's Grand Adventure" with 80% discount and "Blood Bowl 2 and Divinity: Original Sin: Enhanced Edition" which has been discounted 75%. Meanwhile, some of the games that have been given 75% discounts for Xbox 360 are: "Spider-Man: Dimensions," "Farming Simulator," and "Bound by Flame."

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