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‘One Piece’ Episode 780, Chapter 859 Spoilers: Luffy & Crew Struggle For Food, To Use Special Weapon Against Big Mom

Mar 21, 2017 03:49 AM EDT

The latest spoilers for"One Piece" Episode 780, Chapter 859 reveal that Luffy and his crew are about to go through some funny events as they try to search for food in their battle against Big Mom. Viewers are about to see what Luffy and his gang are willing to do just to satisfy their hunger. However, Luffy does not know anything at all about preparing and cooking food, despite his appetite. This will lead the crew into a dangerous situation that could mean risking their own lives.

In the previous episode of "One Piece," the crew's resident was nowhere to be found. With Luffy being the captain of the ship, he has to take the duty. Nami offered to cook for a fee but was asking for a lot. While Luffy was doing what he can, he left the kitchen with the stove on, so everything exploded with burnt food that was no longer fit for consumption.

As they get desperate for food, Luffy, and his crew will sneak inside an isolated marine base to get some. However, this will not go smoothly as they will get confronted by marine rookies Grant, Zappa, and Bonham while in the base. It looks like the marines will not give up their supply without a good fight. This also looks like Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates are in for a rumble on an empty stomach on this upcoming episode of "One Piece."

Nerds 4 Life Blog also writes that, in this episode of "One Piece," Luffy and Bege will use a KC launcher to try to kill Big Mom while Sanji and Pudding's wedding is taking place. The pair has stepped up to lead the assault and they have also sought the help of former villain Caesar Clown to do this.

Fans are also expecting something major to happen in this episode of "One Piece," although there have been hints as of this writing. Speculations suggest that it may have something to do with Sanji and Pudding's wedding. A lot of questions have also surfaced on why Big Mom has been very silent all this time. The next chapter is set to roll out this week.

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