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AMD Ryzen 16-Core CPU Expected To Dominate Intel In Terms of Price, Power

Mar 21, 2017 03:39 AM EDT

The AMD Ryzen 16-Core CPU has been generating news and noises in the market for its power, speed, and price. The processor has Intel's neck with its latest processors as its competition and reports have been saying that the company might dominate with its plan to be the leading multithread CPU in the market.

The AMD Ryzen 16-Core CPU has been trying to promote itself to the non-gaming ventures to dominate the game. The tech player is even looking for huge leads with its 16 core and 32 thread CPU.

Forbes has reported that the AMD Ryzen 16-Core CPU is a great multi-threaded processor that could easily beat Intel's pricey CPU in the standard of rendering and creating content workloads. The publication added that it has a powerful option to offer value for money.

Forbes also AMD Ryzen 16-Core CPU is not just something that the company is preparing for its competitors in the market. The company was reportedly working on a huge processor that would really make the other competitors take a sit.

The reportedly monster CPU besides the AMD Ryzen 16-Core CPU was reported to have six more cores than Intel's present flagship desktop CPU. The Intel product that was being talked is the i&-6950x.

The Intel product facing the AMD Ryzen 16-Core CPU has 10 cores and 20 threads.If this would continue for Intel and AMD would follow their recent thread of producing a 16-core and 32 thread option, it would push the latter company to be the top tier in the industry. With that, the rumored PC being created by AMD could be the ultimate choice for most people.

Forbes also claimed that the new platform is going to have a Land Grid Array and other pins in the CPU socket. The design is also reportedly going to be seen in the Intel's i7 but now with the AMD Ryzen 16-core CPU.

In the meantime, the AMD Ryzen 7 CPUs and its motherboards are reported to have a lack of quad-channel memory support. This sparks some speculations that it could have a high-end desktop.

WCCF Tech has reported in their article that there is no actual evidence that a new chip that would follow the AMD Ryzen CPU is currently in the process. If it is true, it is expected to have the same price with the other available products. Even if it is not the same price, it would be the practical choice for some people over Intel's processors.

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