May 24, 2018 | Updated: 07:21 PM EDT

Android O Latest News & Update: Next OS Could Be Sweeter, Possibly Named ‘Oreo’ With New Messaging Features

Mar 21, 2017 03:32 AM EDT

Most Android device owners are eager to see what Android Nougat has to offer, something expected to focus on security issues. Looking ahead, there is a successor in the Android O whose official sweet-tooth name has yet to be made official.

Whirling around right now is that the next Android OS will be named Android Oreo. While that makes sense in the alphabetical sense, it remains unofficial. But the actual name may not be that important with most wanting to see what new features brings. So far, the speculated features for Android O include gestures and new messaging which should help aid folks reliant on mobile communication, PC Advisor reported.

Related a bit to that, Android O will reportedly make it easier to copy and paste text from one app to the other. Accessing the address book will be much easier, likely to come with some perks as well. Aside from that, more features are expected to be revealed in the coming weeks.

With regards to its official name, other suggestions include Orange and Oatmeal. A better view on how that will come out should evolve soon as it continues development. It should be noted as well that for each brand and mobile carrier, further tests will be needed to make sure they are compatible and prevent devices from malfunctioning.

Until then, it would be best to focus on Android Nougat for the time being. The latest has to do with the March security update which came with a major issue. The said patch encountered problems tied up with SafetyNet, the API that is involved in facilitating Android Pay. SafetyNet is responsible in auditing mobile phones to see if they are compromised or rooted. Google temporarily pulled out the patch but reposted it with the controversial feature disabled, Android Police reported.


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