May 24, 2018 | Updated: 07:21 PM EDT

'Pokemon GO' News & Updates: Upcoming Pokemon Events For Getting Free XPs, Coins and Incubators

Mar 21, 2017 02:41 AM EDT

Despite the strong rumors surrounding the St. Patrick's Day event, "Pokemon Go" didn't get any update from the developers. It is highly speculated that the company is planning to release a major "Pokemon Go" event for celebrating the upcoming origins movie in Japan. Pokemon players are eagerly waiting for grabbing more coins, incubators and special gifts from the next event.

"Pokemon Go" is a well-known game which raised huge popularity with its Halloween event. The game enhanced the holiday spirit of its players with innovative and useful gifts. The event made the game the highest grossing app of all time.

After the success of "Pokemon Go" Halloween event, Niantic brought "Thanksgiving events" with free XPs and coins in order to be grateful to Pokemon players. Pokemon Go Thanksgiving event is another blast which encouraged the company to launch the major "Holiday Event." It was also speculated that the company might offer gifts for 12 consecutive days for resembling 12 Christmas Casseroles in its Holiday event.

Recently, Niantic held a Valentine's Day celebration where players got a chance to catch cute pink Pokemon. It seems like world's best-augmented reality game is limited to holidays and events. But with the recent news coming from IBT Times, it is clear that this time Niantic is skipping out a holiday event in "Pokemon Go".

The "Pokemon Go" players are not waiting for St. Patrick's Day, but it seems that the company is not a mood to release the event any soon. The previous events have been started a few days earlier so fans should not keep their hopes up for the possible Pokemon. Still, players have hope has the company might actually planning to release another event in near future.

It is also speculated that Pokemon Sun and Moon players in Japan spot a special Pikachu wearing a signature trainer hat depending on the date. So, it is possible that "Pokemon Go" players can also spot a similar Pokemon in the upcoming event. It is also speculated that the company might offer free XPs, coins, and incubators again to lure and retain the attention of its players. 


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