May 27, 2018 | Updated: 07:21 PM EDT

‘Pokemon GO’ News: Evolution Items Drop To Depend On Pokemon Of Player’s Buddy?

Mar 20, 2017 09:40 AM EDT

Recent postings by “Pokemon GO” players indicate that evolution items drops could be dependent on whom the trainer picks as a buddy Pokemon. On Silph Road, a player says he got a Dragon Scale after he walked about one kilometer with Seadra. The Seadra is known to evolve with the use of a Dragon Scale.

Conflicting Results. A post by another Redditor says that player which has as Buddy Pokemon an Oddish got Sun Stone two times after switching. But other players of “Pokemon GO” say they still received multiple evolution items even if their Buddy Pokemon is one that do not need special items to evolve. Others teamed up with Pokemon which need evolution items, but they did not see any drops. One player walked with a Scyther and received only one Sun Stone, an indicator that Buddy Pokemon is not tied to the drop.

The possible link of the evolution items drop to a Pokemon Buddy is one of the theories developed by “Pokemon GO” players on how they could boost chances of the items’ spawn at PokeStops, Mic reports. But the reports were inconsistent on the link of the evolution items’ drop with the Pokemon Buddy. Thechemistryner writes that Kabuto is his Pokemon Buddy and he got three Metal Coats, two Sun Stones and one King’s Rock.

At Random & Not Guaranteed. Kotaku adds that evolution item drops are random. While some “Pokemon GO” players got evolution items during a seven-day PokeStop streak, it is not guaranteed. Others received the evolution items outside of streaks. Some gamers got nothing even if they played daily since the launch of the update.

IGN points out that the rumors which indicate the evolution items would be given as reward for seven-day PokeStop streak has been discredited. There is a less than one percent chance of evolution items, which are incredibly rare, being found at PokeStops. The Dragon Scale, King’s Rock, Sun Stone, Metal Coat and Upgrade are the five new evolution items that were introduced with the latest “Pokemon GO” patch.

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