May 24, 2018 | Updated: 07:21 PM EDT

'Super Mario Run' Update: Famous Mario Brothers’ Game Arriving To Android On March 23; iOS Version Will Be Updated As Well

Mar 20, 2017 11:07 AM EDT

After months of waiting, android smartphone users can now finally get a grab of the well-known mobile gaming app, the "Super Mario Run."  Are you ready to play this famous gaming character of all time on your Android mobile device? Find out the latest updates and details here, before its release.

According to the Verge, Nintendo America has officially announced that the said game will be made available to Android OS users this March 23.  Meanwhile, iOS users will be able to get the latest version update wherein it will showcase added playable characters.  It has also conveyed that it is now available in pre-order at the Google Play Store.

Reports from iDigital Times state that game enthusiasts who have initially downloaded the free version before can now unlock the games' World 1 to 4 by completing one of the Bowser's levels. Since its pilot release on December, which is exclusive for iPhone and iPad versions of the game, non-Apple iOS' users are now ready to run and click the fat plumber boy in his quest to avoid obstacles as keenly as he should. The full version of the game is up to Level 24 and it will cost US$9.99.  It also has an additional mode for multiplayer addicts such as the "World Tour" and an endless runner "Toad Rally" game modes, as per reports.

Further reports by Engadget indicate that fans on a wider scope can now grab the chance to vindicate if it will be worth the wait after too much social media hype. Nonetheless, Nintendo has kept up their promise of releasing it for Android OS users with its 2.0 version. The touchscreen runner game app still scraped a revenue of US$53 million before the end of January, considering that it has only been available for iOS as of to date, as per reports.

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