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iPhone 8 Latest News: Apple to Ditch Heavily Curved Screen Design For Next Flagship Devices

Mar 20, 2017 08:32 AM EDT

One of the more determined rumors about the iPhone 8's design is now being exposed. The buzz right now is that the Apple flagship will no longer feature a heavily curved design. In its place, the new iPhone will come with a flat OLED screen but with a slight curve along the edges.

According to Forbes, the long-rumored grand redesign is no longer in the plans of the tech giant after leaks surfaced. The leak is coming with the courtesy of Nikkei claims that the iPhone 8 as having a screen similar to that of Samsung Edge handsets.

The said smartphones from Apple's main rival sport slightly curved screens but the iPhone 8 will supposedly to boast an even gentler curve. The slight curve will allow the iPhone 8 to have around 5.2 inches of the viewable display but that is the only thing important that can be said about the upcoming iPhone 8 screen design.

As mentioned, the iPhone 8 will feature organic light-emitting diode or OLED screens that will be provided by Samsung Electronics. Samsung along with Huawei and Vivo were the first companies in the smartphone market to integrate curved OLED screens on their handsets.

Apparently, Apple is yet to fully join the bandwagon. The reason why Apple decided to stay flatter than the others is because the tech giant is rumored to be having a hard time making glass covers which will match the curved screens of upcoming iPhone 8.

The iPhone 8 is expected to be priced over $1,000. This is because Apple seems to target on stocking its 10th-year anniversary smartphone with all the high-end features that it can possibly integrate into the iPhone 8.

The previous year, rumors have surfaced claiming Apple is working on up to ten iPhone 8 prototypes. At least one of these smartphones is supposedly having curved OLED screens. While this new rumor somewhat contradicts the old one, it remains to be seen how Apple will handle with the iPhone 8's design.

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