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‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ Latest News & Update: Game Director Tetsuya Nomura Revealed Something Important For the Upcoming Game

Mar 18, 2017 10:13 AM EDT

"Kingdom Hearts 3" has recently dropped some important details by the game's director Tetsuya Nomura regarding with its transformative powers of Sora's Keyblade. The director also added that the game's theme concert will include a special narrative for its potential upcoming storyline.

Square Enix Studio, as well as Tetsuya Nomura's team, has been secretive about the details for the upcoming "Kingdom Hearts 3." Despite all fan theories including speculations, expectation, teasers and leaks regarding the game's which include character list and enhancements have remained a mystery up until now.

On the Brightside, the game director of "Kingdom Hearts 3" revealed something important and interesting information about Sora's Keyblade. In a recent interview with the Japanese magazine Famitsu, as followed by Gematsu, director Tetsuya Nomura discussed the two transformation patterns of the Keyblades where it might change into a bazooka or a crossbow. For the upcoming, the game, the weapon's ability can change into a new object in terms of attack and defense mode which depends on the type of Keyblade that Sora will wield in "Kingdom Hearts 3." The director also added that players must take note that the similar Keyblade that transforms into a shield or a tank; a division in terms of the characters defense and attack status.

Meanwhile, "Kingdom Hearts" hosted an Orchestra concert that was held in Japan last March 10 which included a short segment of Rise Uchida, the person who dubbed Xion and Kairi in the game "Kingdon Hearts 3" where he read several lines from the game's saga during the concert. The lines that were stated by Rise Uchida was then posted on Twitter and was translated which later reported KH13. As stated by Rise Uchida, Kairi shared her training sessions with Lea in their journey to become Keyblade masters and Xion's important message for Sora.

The upcoming game "Kingdom Hearts 3" may form a bond between Lea and Kairi during their training time that players might experience in the game. The game is now currently on a rapid development intended for Xbox One and PS4.

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