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Pre-Installed iOS 10 to 32GB iPhone 6 Variant Now Heads to Europe

Mar 18, 2017 08:12 AM EDT

Taiwan Mobile recently launched the 32GB variant of Apple's iPhone 6 last week; the iPhone 6 2017 variant. This new iPhone 6 2017 was released by the carrier in a Gold model. Recent reports have been gathered contradict to early reports, the 32GB iPhone 6 isn't only available for the Asian country. As a matter of fact, the iPhone 2017 will cross Asian borders and will head to Europe in the coming days.

As report claimed by GSM Arena, the special edition 32GB iPhone 6 is now heading to Europe, first stop is the country of Belarus. Although, unlike the Gold model that reached Taiwan Mobile, the 32GB iPhone 6 will have only a Space Gray color that will be available in Belarus. In the country Belarus, the 32GB iPhone 6 will hit iStore in Minsk and will carry a price tag at $520.

As noted by smartphone enthusiast, 32GB iPhone 6 2017 is expected to gather a lot amount of attention due to its very affordable price compared to the current iPhone 6S and the refurbished 16GB iPhone 6 in Belarus. In Belarus, the current iPhone 6S is available at $800 and the refurbished 16GB iPhone 6 is currently wearing a price tag of $630.

Since iPhone 6 was initially released, the variants were only available in 16GB, 64GB, and 128GB versions. There's no exact reason why the 32GB iPhone 6 variant has been released for the market as late as three years after. Apple's iPhone 6 2017 was said to be updated to compete in this year's mobile phone eras; instead of carrying the original iOS 8 operating system unit, iPhone 6 2017 will be featured with the iOS 10 pre-installed.

As noted by Phone Arena, after the 32GB iPhone 6 2017 will hit some countries in Europe, it will be available in United Stated. However, it's hard to tell when especially Apple's 2017 iPhones will hit stores sooner. Apple is now expected to release three new iPhones this year that includes the speculated iPhone 8.

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