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KickAss Torrents to Hold 'Happy Torrents Day' on March 30

Mar 20, 2017 11:49 AM EDT


Popular pirate source Kickass Torrents, once legally banned and had their owner arrested, seems to be back in the business again, although everything around family seems quieter than before. Due to increasing counts of piracy on a daily basis, the FBI and the CIA sometime back had imposed a legal ban on numerous pirate resources for continuing to operate on the internet illegally. Among them, Kickass torrents were also one among those banned from usage.

The website registered a daily count of a million unique visitors at the time of its peak operations and was also one of the most used websites on the internet. Early last year, its alleged founder Artem Vaulin was arrested by the federal government of the United States. However, the enthusiasm of the staff at KAT seems to be unmoved with several past members vowing to bring the website back to its glory days again.

Reports from Techworm highlighted the comeback of Kickass Torrents(KAT) where they now plan to celebrate a special day on Mar. 30 dedicated to torrenting. Details from the kickass forum reveal that the torrenting portal is now functional up to an extent continuing to see an increase in daily traffic. 'Torrents day' or so it's called is actually celebrated with the members who regularly upload and seed popular torrents.

What began as a small celebration has now gathered a huge crowd with thousands of participants taking part for this year's event. Further details from Venturebeat also revealed that the past members along with the staff are striving hard to make sure Kickass torrents are back to its glory years aiming to overthrow other popular torrent websites that have also reportedly surfaced online.

At the moment, it is undetermined whether such a celebration will be noticed by American cyber watch authorities since latest reports from Wikileaks reveal that the CIA can easily access private information of American residents, without much effort at all. With that said, no one can actually predict whether the Kickass forums can go a long way down the road. 


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