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‘Clash Royale’ Latest News: New 2v2 Game Mode, Shared Features & Mechanics Revealed; Game To Join eSports Tournaments Soon

Mar 14, 2017 03:28 AM EDT


Supercell upholds its dominance with classic online games as it continuously and consistently offers a different title once in a while. Anyone who has ever played "Clash Royale" surely knows how exciting and frantic the game can get. While that may be entertaining enough, it looks like players have to prepare for even worse. A new mode called Clan Battle has just been introduced. This will allow a player to pair up with a clanmate for 2v2 battles.

PvP Live reports that in this upcoming battle mode for "Clash Royale," each player will have access to his own deck and pool of elixir, which generates at a 15 percent slower rate. There are now four players on the map who are out for each other. Surely, this means that things are about to get really crazy. There will be no actual way of communicating with one's teammate during the battle, aside from hovering units on the field.

While players will not be sharing Elixir Collections in this new "Clash Royale" battle mode, using buffing cards like Rage will buff all other units. It is also worth noting that the bottom arena will be extended by four tiles so that the two towers next to each other will fit. Previews show that this new mode will be quite insane. Players will have to strategize and, at the same time, counter the barrage of units coming their way.

This brand new feature on "Clash Royale" will make experienced players think of a new strategy by pushing against many different types of enemies. This also requires an enormous amount of practice and strategy, writes Asia Starz News. What is even more exciting is that Supercell itself announced that this mode will be included soon in eSports tournaments. While there will be rule changes once in a while, this will soon be a household eSports event for Supercell given the patience and skill required to win.

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