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‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News & Update: Niantic Cleans Up Unused Codes, Trading Feature Coming Fresh

Feb 26, 2017 07:46 AM EST

“Pokemon Go” Gen 2 may be out though it still lacks a some of the feaures most have been waiting for. At the top of the list is the much-awaited Pokemon Trading which may take awhile. Until recently, there were traces of the trading feature for “Pokemon Go” but all that is gone.

Thanks once again to the efforts of some data miners, fragments of the trading code were removed from the 0.57.2 update for “Pokemon Go” thanks to AeonLucid’s POGOProtos. The numeric values were removed, including the entire set of protobuf messages related to trading.

For the average tao, the cleanup made by Niantic for “Pokemon Go” seems to indicate that trading is nothing more than a sham. This is not actually the case and seen more as a move by Niantic to clean out the scripts to address other matters. Since the rollout of “Pokemon Go” Gen 2, game crashes and erratic server states have been cropping up, Pokemon Go Hub reported. The current move is seen more as part of an optimization dish rather than doing away with a feature most want to see.

It should also be worth noting that the ones stricken off are beta codes for “Pokemon Go”. Fresh and new codes could be coming soon though there is no telling when. Niantic CEO John Hanke did mention some weeks back that PvP, trading and live events are to be expected, Forbes reported.

There is no question which between PvP and trading will come first. Live events are something most have “Pokemon Go” players have witnessed already, ones that occurred last Halloween and Christmas. Only Hanke and his team will know which to prioritize but the good news is that augmented reality players don’t have reason to panic. Pokemon Trading is still coming and it may come at the least time most expect it.

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