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App Review: Diaro App, A Multi-Platform, Multi-Device Diary

Oct 02, 2015 10:14 AM EDT

They say journaling is a lost art. But in a world of oversharing and consequent overexposure, there must be some way that you can jot down your thoughts and keep them private. Enter the private diary apps.

There are quite a few of these diary apps around, however, it is hard to find one that can be used across platforms. Not Diaro. Diaro, or DiaroApp, is a multi-platform diary that one can download and use on an Android, an iDevice, or even on an Amazon Kindle tablet. A user can also access their Diaro entries from any browser, on any platform, using the My Diaro App web app:

Synchronizing one’s entries across devices needs a premium license, however, but Diaro’s premium fee is so affordable, it is definitely a good buy. For a one-time fee of $3.99 and access to a Dropbox account, a Diaro user can automatically sync their logs across devices. So whether you own an Android, an iOS device, or even a Chromebook, you can definitely use Diaro from virtually anywhere with a browser.

Aside from the sync feature for Pro users, Diaro also lets you export your entries into PDF files. So if the sync and export functionalities are important to you, $3.99 is definitely a great investment.

Free users, on the other hand, can enjoy Diaro’s other features. You may use different skins and backgrounds per folder, as well as manage your entries by tags. Color-code your entries, organize them in folders, and add tags to narrow down your entries. Diaro makes it easy to search through your thoughts with these organization features.

Aside from tags and folders, Diaro also organizes entries per day. There is a calendar that has clickable links that lead to individual entries on that particular day. And if you have color-coded your folders, the entries on your calendar will be color-coded as well.

Diaro also has a very powerful search tool. So if you cannot recall the tags you use, you may be able to take a shortcut and just search.

Should you wish to attach photographs to enhance your journal entries, Diaro also lets you do that. You could even attach your location per entry.

Diaro even has a built-in task list which you can use if you are saving space on your device. You can get rid of your other task lists if you do not need to share them, anyway.

You do not have to overuse Facebook. You do not even have to overuse the “Only Me” privacy platform on the world’s most-used social network. Keep all your private thoughts on Diaro, and enjoy the pleasure of journaling, once more.


Diaro on Google Play:

My Diaro App/web app:

Diaro’s Webpage (You may need to add a security exception on some browsers, such as Firefox):

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