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Cloud Management Standards with DMTF

Apr 14, 2014 11:36 AM EDT


DMTF and China Cloud Computing Promotion and Policy Forum Recently Announced a Partnership to Promote Cloud Management Standards. 2014 is a significant year for the cloud and mobile that is in an organization's top strategic priorities. The outlook looks promising as customers turn to public cloud providers for cost savings.

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The more mobile devices such as smartphones, ultrabooks and tablets in the market and used by businesses the more utilization on cloud services involving compute, network and storage. Cloud will be the best way to manage IT. Cloud computing signifies a basic transformation in use and costs of IT as a traditional model approach. Using IT outsourcing services there are other areas within - such as CloudSourcing that continues to grow. The similarities and differences should definitely take careful decision making in selection.

Cloud Service Partnerships make perfect sense as the market grows, customers look to expand service offerings. It is also a benefit to know that the cloud challenges are now more transparent in the industry and reliability is said to be maturing. Organizations must ask the right questions about internal security practices.

These private-cloud misconceptions insights are useful for any organization. Another myth within security is that security issues that cloud equals to a security nightmare, is not true. A higher degree of security, provides those necessary  requirements that a cloud environment thrives in.

It would make sense that more non-tech corporations will strategize around the cloud. With pressure in innovation this should be a factor for more acquisitions. Technology today is a significant influence across industries across the board. And more radical change in strategies to bring mobile and big data to all size markets with influence from some of the large enterprises. Innovation should be in specialized areas and where systems are designed to support big data growth, both private and hybrid cloud environments. 

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